Windows Re-install

Does the copy of Windows on your machine not work properly? Are there any error messages displayed for missing files, registry errors etc? The quickest way to resolve things is to reinstall Windows. This service can help and get your machine up and running again quickly.

When to use this service

You can use this service if you want us to re-install a licensed copy of Windows onto your machine for any reason.

What we do
  • We will check to see what options there are for installing Windows e.g. CD, network, usb port
  • Checks will be made to ensure the operating system is a legal copy
  • The main hard drive will be formatted using the appropriate file system
  • Windows will be installed to the main hard drive
  • We’ll check to see if there any missing device drivers and install them where possible
  • A single user account in the format <Brand-User> will be setup with administrator privileges
    • An HP machine would have a user account called HP-User
    • Where there is no visible brand an account name of “User” will be created
  • This user account will have a password set using your postcode (e.g: admin-b913gs for B91 3GS)
  • If previously agreed, we will:
    • Create additional use accounts and secure them with passwords
    • Setup firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software
    • Install Windows security patches
Important Notice
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Avatar"Imran has helped with a number of issues I've had with my computer and with my broadband connection. He installed a new broadband modem for me, and also helped me to get online to play World of Warcraft, whilst cleaning up my PC in the process.

His work is both prompt and efficient."
N. Charity, Totteridge

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