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Is your PC performing poorly? Does it display error messages? Do you have some kind of hardware problem? Is there a particular component which has stopped working normally? If you have an idea of what may be causing the problem, then the PC Repairs service can assist you in resolving the issue. If you're not sure, then we can always troubleshoot the issue for you.

What we do
  • We will examine your machine and diagnose the problem through a series of tests as necessary
  • We will confirm if the hardware you suspect is indeed the problem
  • If not, then we may need to take your machine away for advanced diagnosis
  • We will advise you if a part needs to be replaced and the estimated cost to purchase and replace the component
  • If you decide to go ahead, we will instruct you on which part to purchase and where from
  • We will fit the new part for you and test it to make sure it has resolved the problem
  • If a software fault is present then we will try to endeavour to resolve it as quickly as possible
  • We will return your machine to you once the problem has been resolved
Important Notice
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Avatar"We had a serious problem caused by some malware which rendered our Acer PC obselete. It wouldn't boot into Windows Vista or allow us to use Safe Mode. The vendor we bought the PC from quoted us £100 and a two week wait while they inspected our PC.

Imran however fixed our PC in less than 24 hours at a fraction of the cost. I recommend him highly!"
B. Hussain, Totteridge

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