Data Collection Policy

Mughal Computer Services data collection policy is compliant with the Data Protection Act (published in 1998).

The Data Protection Act requires us to:

  • Handle data only for the means for which it was collected.
  • Not disclose any personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the individual concerned.
  • Allow individuals to see the information held about them, unless it falls under certain exemptions (i.e. for prevention or detection of crime). A maximum charge of £10 is allowed per request.
  • Not hold information for longer than it is necessary.
  • Not transmit information to outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) without the prior consent of the individual or without adequate protection being in place.
  • Have adequate safeguards in place for the security of personal data.

  • We only collect data to enable tracking of faults and to help in the process of troubleshooting client systems.
  • We only collect personal data to help and enable us to maintain a list of customers for the purposes of contacting clients, visiting client premises and for tracking financial information (such as money owed or paid).
  • Any individual who has had work done by Mughal Computer Services can request a copy of the information held by Mughal Computer Services. A small charge of £1.00 will be made for this, with a further charge of £0.99 being made if the information is to be sent by post. Any corrections or updates can be requested and they will normally be made within 48 hours or as soon as possible after this.
  • All personal and system data is held for a period of 3 years from the date of last contact. This allows adequate time for information to be recalled should there be any requirement for any of the services provided by Mughal Computer Services.
  • We will never provide information to any individual or company no matter where they reside, unless required by law or by police warrant. In either case, we will notify the individual prior to providing any relevant information.
  • Customer information is stored on one single computer with security software installed including (but not limited to) a firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit. Security software is updated regularly.
  • In addition to the above, the files are password protected and stored on an encrypted volume.
  • This system is also protected by a hardware firewall for enhanced protection.

  • Names and addresses are stored for the purpose of contacting clients, but also to enable visits to client premises to take place.
  • Details of the operating system and service pack including version number are stored to enable troubleshooting.
  • Details of software or hardware that are known or suspected to be causing problems are stored to enable solutions to be researched and used to troubleshoot issues.
  • Motherboard, BIOS and chipset information is collected to enable troubleshooting and to check whether enhanced drivers are available.
  • If required, a system report through the use of a system information utility will be generated and stored to help identify hardware and/or software resources and their capabilities, and will be used for research and troubleshooting purposes only.

  • Serial or license numbers of operating systems or any software that may be installed on a system handled by Mughal Computer Services personnel.
  • Information about hardware devices whether they are external or internal to the system other than for the purpose as outlined in section 3. This includes peripherals, add-in cards, motherboards, hard drives, optical drives etc ..
  • System passwords. This includes logins and passwords for any software (i.e. instant messaging, email, etc).
  • Information on system warranty or insurance if present.
  • Information about any data present on the system (whether that be documents, videos, music, pictures or files of any other kind).
  • Anything else not mentioned under section 3 or 4 is also not collected.

  • The Mughal Computer Services website uses cookies.
  • A cookie is used to enable consistent navigation to take place.
  • Any user of this website will have their IP address analysed to determine a general location.
  • This information is then used to mark their approximate location on the visitor map.
  • No personal or system information is stored apart from the aforementioned.

Avatar"Imran has helped with a number of issues I've had with my computer and with my broadband connection. He installed a new broadband modem for me, and also helped me to get online to play World of Warcraft, whilst cleaning up my PC in the process.

His work is both prompt and efficient."
N. Charity, Totteridge

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