Spyware Removal

Is your PC acting strangely? Do you get bombarded by adverts when you surf the internet? Do you find your computer settings are changed without your knowledge? Are there messages indicating you have a problem which has recently appeared for no apparent reason? Problems like these are usually the result of spyware. The Spyware Removal service can help detect, identify and remove any spyware from your machine.

What is Spyware?
When to use this service

You may use this service if you believe your PC has been running software that has installed without your knowledge. If there is software that you cannot seem to remove then it is likely to be a spyware infection.

What we do
  • We will work with you to verify that your machine has a spyware infection
  • We will use a number of techniques including spyware removal tools to try and remove the spyware
  • If it is not possible, then we will with your permission take your machine away for further diagnosis and treatment
  • Depending on the seriousness of things, a Windows re-install may become necessary if the problem persists after treatment. We will advise and gain your consent to do this should it be required.
  • Following successful treatment we may offer to perform a Security Check and Upgrade to help minimise the chance of problems reoccurring.
Important Notice
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Avatar"I've had regular and excellent IT and computer support through Mughal Computer Services. Imran has an extensive level of knowledge and has helped me understand many aspects of computing.

He has built me a computer from scratch, sorted out and secured my wireless network amongst other things. The service he provides is excellent in all respects!"
D. Cook, Princes Risborough

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