Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop performing poorly? Does it display error messages? Do you have some kind of hardware problem? Perhaps the keyboard isn’t working or perhaps the screen is stuck in a low resolution? The Laptop Repairs service can assist and try to help you resolve problems such as these.

What we do
  • We will examine your machine and diagnose the problem through a series of tests as necessary
  • If a hardware fault is present then we may need to take your machine away for diagnosis
  • We may recommend a hardware fault be fixed by a 3rd party
  • We will advise you in case a part needs to be replaced and the estimated cost to purchase and replace the component
  • If a software fault is present then we will try to endeavour to resolve it as quickly as possible
  • We will return your laptop to you once the problem has been resolved
Important Notice
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Avatar"Imran has helped with a number of issues I've had with my computer and with my broadband connection. He installed a new broadband modem for me, and also helped me to get online to play World of Warcraft, whilst cleaning up my PC in the process.

His work is both prompt and efficient."
N. Charity, Totteridge

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