Do you want to be able to share files between computers without having to copy them via memory stick etc? Do you want to share your internet connection to other PCs in the home? The Wireless Network Setup can help make both of these possible.

When to use this service

You can use this service if you have more than one pc (desktop or laptop) that you want to share data or an internet connection between.

What we do

  • We will check to ensure all machines you want to use are wireless capable
  • We will decide on the best settings for the wireless network based on the wireless capabilities of the individual devices
  • We will create a new wireless network with a name of your choice
  • We will test to see if the devices can connect to each other with no wireless security
  • Following this initial test, we will apply the strongest security mode available to each of your machines
  • We will retest to make sure the network still works after applying security
  • We will document all the settings used for reference

Important Notice

If you intend to share large files such as video, then we would generally recommend having a wired (ethernet) cable network or powerline network as an alternative. We can happily setup both of these alternatives for you subject to purchasing the appropriate hardware.

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