Is your computer acting strangely? Are you unable to run programs as you normally would? Is any of your security software disabled without your permission? These may be symptoms of a virus which you may have made its way on to your machine through email, instant messaging, usb memory stick or even file sharing programs. The Virus Removal service can help to identify and remove viruses from your machine.

When to use this service

You can use this service if your computer is behaving strangely and you suspect or know that it has a virus.

What we do

  • We will work with you to understand, diagnose and document the behaviour which indicates a virus may be present
  • We will use a number of techniques to try and help rectify the problem there and then if possible
  • If it is not possible, then we will with your permission take your machine away for further diagnosis and treatment
  • A Windows re-install may become necessary if the problem persists after treatment. We will advise and gain your consent to do this should it be required.
  • Following successful treatment we may offer to perform a Security Check and Upgrade to help minimise the chance of problems reoccurring.

Important Notice

If we need to re-install Windows to recover from a virus infection, then we will not backup any data unless previously agreed.

Questions about this service?

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