Video files come in lots of different formats from different hardware. Your computer can play a wide variety of media but if you want to share that media with someone it may need to be converted to the right format. For example, you may want to play your home made videos on your TV. Depending on the specifications and format of video supported it may need to be converted. This is what the Video Conversion service can help you with.

When to use this service

If you want to use or view video (mobile phone, video camera, computer etc) from one device on another platform (TV, mobile phone etc) then you can use this service.

What we do

  • We will find and document the capabilities of the devices you want to use.
  • Video conversion of the files may take place onsite or offsite at our premises depending on the size and software/hardware required.
  • We will help you test playback to ensure the converted files work correctly.
  • We can optionally burn media to optical disk for playback using CD or DVD players

Important Notice

This service does not include any video editing during the conversion process. If you wish for the videos to be edited in anyway then please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Questions about this service?

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