Do you have a computer that you need to dispose of? Does it have data on it that you need to be disposed of securely? The Secure Data Removal service can help by securely removing all data from a hard disk using a variety of established international standards used by governments around the world.

When to use this service

You can use this service If you are selling your machine or giving it to charity and want to make sure previously stored data cannot be recovered.

What we do

  • We will discuss the data removal standards that are appropriate for the sensitivity of your data
  • Your machine or if appropriate, your hard drive will be taken away
  • The hard drive will be wiped by using specialist software configured with the data removal standard selected earlier
  • Once data removal has been completed, we will return your machine or hard drive to you
  • If necessary, we can dismantle the hard drive physically and dispose of it safely

Data Removal Standards

Speed [1-10]
One Pass Random 1 Yes 10
One Pass Zeroes 1 None 10
Speed Key: [ 1 = Slow, 10 = Fast ]

Important Notice

Removing data securely is a process which involves making one or more passes over a hard disk. This can be a slow process which will take a variable length of time to complete. The time taken will change depending on the security standard used.

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