Do you have any paper documents that you need to turn into electronic versions? Whether they are personal or business documents, the Scan and Send service is for you. The electronic versions can be created in a variety of the most common formats and be delivered to you via email.

What we do

  • We will discuss and decide the quality and size requirements for your scanned documents
  • We will take your paper documents and scan them in using the facilities at our disposal
  • Documents will be saved in a format that is suitable for the content
  • We will email the documents to an address you specify
  • We can optionally provide the electronic versions on CD or DVD at extra cost (£1.00 per CD or £2.00 per DVD)

Service Cost

Each page of A4 is charged at £0.25.

Important Notice

This service does not produce editable documents. All electronic versions will simply be a direct copy of the paper versions without any specific editing capability.

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