When was the last time you performed some maintenance on your machine? Computers just like human beings need regular maintenance to help keep them working in optimum fashion. Over time, continued usage will slow your computer down until it becomes usable. PC Health Checks every 6 months or so can help to optimise your system and reduce or even prevent problems occurring later.

When to use this service

You can use this service If your computer is running slowly or erratically. You can also use this service if you’d like to confirm your PC is running in an optimal fashion.

What we do

  • We will perform some diagnostic test to try and see why your computer is running slowly.
  • We will install software if appropriate to help optimise your system.
  • A number of tasks will be performed as listed below
  • We will help you to confirm improvement in system responsiveness
  • We may recommend upgrades to your system to help increase stability or speed

A PC Health Check involves:

  • Desktop Cleanup
  • Hard Disk Defragmentation
  • Hard Disk Error Scan
  • Missing Device Drivers
  • Redundant Software
  • Registry Errors
  • Security Software Check
  • Startup Programs
  • System Error Log
  • Temporary Files
  • Web Browsing Cache
  • Windows Patch Compliance
  • Windows Processes
  • Windows Swap File Optimisation

Important Notice

System optimisation may be limited depending on the usage you make with your PC. We will remove software with your permission however, machines with a large amount of software/hardware devices will have less room for optimisation.

Questions about this service?

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