Is your current computer feeling a bit long in the tooth? Is it more than 5 years old? Is it not capable of doing all you want at a speed you like? Technology marches on at a relentless pace and hence it might be time for a brand new computer. The New PC Build service can help and build you a new PC to a specification that fits your needs and to a price point you are comfortable with.

When to use this service

If you want a new PC built cheaply and quickly then this service is for you.

What we do

  • We will discuss what you intend to use your PC for and what your budget is
  • We will come up with a list of components for your budget
  • We will walk you through the purchase of each component required
  • Once you have received the components, we will confirm a mutually convenient time to pick up the components
  • We will build your PC using the components – there is usually a 7 day turnaround time
  • Your PC will be installed with your chosen version of Windows
  • Security software and all patches will be installed to ensure the PC is ready to go
  • We will deliver your PC back to you and optionally provide you with a tour of its main features

Important Notice

New PC builds come with 14 days of free support following delivery of the PC to you. Any hardware problems within this period will be fixed for free. Any problems occurring after this period will be subject to normal charges.

For any warranty issues , you will need to contact the retailer where the product was purchased or the original manufacturer. We will provide details of where to get warranty support.

Questions about this service?

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