Do you have a need to store files that can be accessed by more than one machine around the home? Perhaps you have movies or music that you’d like to be able to play on a number of different devices? If so, what you need is a central location on your network to store these files. The Network Storage Setup service can help you decide on the best hardware for storing files on the network, and how to best access the data stored around the home.

When to use this service

If you need to share and use data from one storage device between PCs in one location then you can use this service.

What we do

  • We will discuss your data sharing requirements and create a list of devices that will need to be able to access data
  • We will check each individual device to confirm connection options (wireless and wired)
  • Based on the location of your devices, we will recommend cabled or wired connections
  • If sharing audio/video, we will help you to convert it to the format with the widest compatibility for your devices
  • We will help you decide on the best NAS device to purchase based on your needs
  • We will help you setup the NAS on your network (including cabling)
  • We will setup permissions and access to the NAS from all your devices that you want access from (TVs, laptops, mobile devices etc)
  • We’ll test to make sure access works from each device and that content can be used
  • We may need to install software on various devices to help it connect

Important Notice

If you have a mixed PC and Mac environment then it will restrict the options we can offer. Most network attached storage devices work predominately with PC hardware. We will help you explore devices from vendors that work with Apple hardware.

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