Got a new mobile phone or tablet? Not sure how it works? Does it work in a way that suits you? If you want to become productive with your new mobile device it usually helps to change the settings so they suit your style of working.

This service can help support you by tailoring your device to your precise needs whether that’s by customising the existing interface through settings already present or using 3rd party software to change the interface to your liking. We can help you with tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your new device.

When to use this service

If you have a new mobile phone or tablet that you want to change in terms of how it works or looks then you can use this service. You can also use this service if you need assistance in setting up your new phone/tablet to work with other devices like your desktop or laptop PC.

What we do

  • We will discuss what you want to achieve from your mobile device.
  • We will investigate the settings on your phone which may help, or look at 3rd party software which may help.
  • We will then discuss with you the ways in which you can achieve what you want
  • The relevant settings or software will then be installed onto your device
  • We will help walk you through using the phone to accomplish your objective

Important Notice

We can only provide support for devices running Android, iOS or Windows Phone. If you’re unsure whether your phone currently runs one of these then please
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