Is your laptop feeling slow? Does it not run programs at the speed it once did? Have you run out of hard drive space? The Laptop Upgrades can help improve the performance of your laptop by upgrading the components which are most in need of change. Components that can be changed include memory, hard drive and optical drives.

What we do

  • We will help you analyse the best area to upgrade based on your existing laptop specification
  • We will let you know the cost of purchasing and replacing the component in question
  • If you agree, we will send you an invoice which may be paid in cash, cheque or through Paypal
  • Once we have the new component, we will fit it to your laptop
  • We will test and make sure your laptop is operating correctly
  • Your laptop and the old component will be returned to you

Important Notice

Faulty components will need to be returned at your cost, however the new part will be fitted at no cost to you over and above the original total.

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