Is your laptop performing poorly? Does it display error messages? Do you have some kind of hardware problem? Perhaps the keyboard isn’t working or perhaps the screen is stuck in a low resolution? The Laptop Repairs service can assist and try to help you resolve problems such as these.

What we do

  • We will examine your machine and diagnose the problem through a series of tests as necessary
  • If a hardware fault is present then we may need to take your machine away for diagnosis
  • We may recommend a hardware fault be fixed by a 3rd party
  • We will advise you in case a part needs to be replaced and the estimated cost to purchase and replace the component
  • If a software fault is present then we will try to endeavour to resolve it as quickly as possible
  • We will return your laptop to you once the problem has been resolved

Important Notice

We may recommend a replacement laptop if any repair is likely to be prohibitively expensive, i.e. such as replacing TFT screens

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