Do you have a need to run more than one version of the Windows operating system on one machine? Do you want to upgrade to a new version and worried about incompatibilities?  Do you have a need to run an older version alongside a current version of Windows? 

Would you like to try working with another operating system on the same PC, such as Mac OS X or Linus? Creating a dual boot setup can help you run more than one version of Windows or with another operating system on the same machine.

When to use this service

You can use this service if you are currently running either XP, Vista or 7 and want to run more another version at the same time. You can also use this service if you are running Mac OS X and wish to dual boot or run Windows in a virtual machine environment.

What we do

  • We will check the feasibility of dual booting on your machine (hard disk space, versions of Windows etc)
  • If an existing installation of Windows exists, we will perform a full data backup if required
  • We will check to see that valid licensed versions of Windows are available to install
  • We will create the required settings for dual booting on your hard drive including partitions
  • We will install the oldest operating system first unless it is already installed
  • We will perform testing to ensure all operating systems can be run without errors
  • We will activate the operating systems for you
  • Any boot problems occurring will be fixed
  • We can optionally install programs to help you test both operating systems

Important Notice

Please bear in mind that compatibility of hardware and software between both versions of the operating system is not guaranteed and hence you may find some of your software or hardware does not work. We will however help to find workarounds where possible and advise accordingly.

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