Do you need to download a large file or set of files from somewhere? Is your internet download speed too slow? Does your download keep getting corrupted? If one or more of these apply to you then this is the service that can help.

The download and send service can download any set of files for you quickly and send them to you in the post. We can send to anywhere in the UK.

When to use this service

You can use this service if you need to download large files like:

  • ISO Files, Linux Distributions, Patches, Game Demos, Hardware Drivers

How this service works

  • Use the request form to send Mughal Computer Services the links for the files you want downloaded.
    • For each seperate file, please put the url on a new line.
    • Select the appropriate postal delivery method.
    • Enter delivery address and contact details.
  • The links will be validated and a total file size will be calculated.
  • An invoice for the cost will be emailed to you for payment.
  • Files will be downloaded within 24 hours of successful payment and burnt to either CD or DVD.
  • The CDs or DVDs will then be sent the following day using the postal method selected.

Request a File Download

Important Notice

Your request will be rejected if it contains any links to illegal content, such as torrents, cracks, pirated software or unauthorised copies of movies/music etc. It will also be rejected if any of the links point to adult material of any kind.

Questions about this service?

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