Have you got large files or data to transfer from a backup or from another computer? Do you need to move the contents of one computer to another including all programs and data? The data transfer service can accomplish this for you.

When to use this service

This service is appropriate for you if you need to restore data (music, pictures, documents etc) onto your machine from a backup or another computer. You can also use this service if you need to transfer a whole system (programs, settings, operating system) between computers.

What we do

  • A member of Mughal Computer Services will work with you to identify the data that needs to be transferred.
  • A checklist of data to be transferred will be created to ensure everything you require is captured.
  • We will identify the quickest and safest way to transfer your data based upon the size and type of data to be transferred.
  • We will use utilise any hardware and software at our disposal which may mean installing software and/or hardware onto your machine to perform the transfer.
  • Your data will then be transferred onto your machine.
  • We will run through the checklist with you to confirm all data required has been transferred.

Important Notice

Transferring a whole system between different machines may require Windows to be re-activated and for drivers to be installed or removed depending on the hardware on the newer system.

Questions about this service?

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