If you’ve lost valuable data through virus infection, a hard drive crash or some other mishap, then this service can help to recover your data. The service can currently only recover data from a PC desktop or laptop hard drive and from drives with Windows partitions only (FAT, FAT32, NTFS).

What are FAT, FAT32 and NTFS?

When to use this service

This service is appropriate for you if you need to recover data (pictures, music, documents etc) that have been accidently deleted or lost through some issue with your machine.

What we do

  • A member of Mughal Computer Services will work with you to create a list of files you wish to restore.
  • The hard drive with the data to be recovered will be taken away for analysis and recovery.
  • The hard drive will be connected to another machine using specialist equipment and scanned for readable data.
  • Once a scan has been completed, files from the list created will be recovered onto a separate unused hard disk.
  • Recovered data will then be copied onto a memory stick, portable hard disk or writeable CD/ DVD and returned to you alongside your original hard disk.

Issues affecting recovery of data

  • The amount of time and any use of the drive in between the data being lost and the recovery process happening directly influences the chances of successfully recovering data. If your drive has crashed or failed then you must immediately stop using your computer.
  • A full drive scan is required even if there is only a small amount of data to be recovered, so please be aware that the scanning process could take quite a while.
  • Scanning time can be reduced If your drive was partitioned (i.e. you had drive C, D, E etc) and only need some of your partitions to be scanned.
  • A drive with mechanical failure will need to be sent to a specialist data recovery company. Details will be provided if this proves necessary.

Important Notice

Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that all of the data you have lost and wish to recover will indeed be recoverable.

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