This service aims to remove any and all unwanted software which displays adverts on your PC. Offending software may have been installed with or without your consent. Adverts are normally displayed by software which is distributed free. Some of the most common pieces of adware come in the form of browser toolbars.

What is Adware?

When to use this service

This service is appropriate for you if your computer is displaying any unwanted adverts during general computer usage.

What we do

  • A member of Mughal Computer Services will work with you to identify when the unwanted adverts are displayed.
  • A list of suspect program(s) will then be created and then tested to identify the software causing the issue.
  • The suspect program(s) will then be removed with your permission from your computer. This will be done on-site where possible.
  • We will then help you test and confirm that the initial problem of unwanted advertising has been resolved.

Important Notice

The software being removed may mean a loss of functionality.

Questions about this service?

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